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Whether it is business attire, every day casual or a Gala / Black Tie / Bridal event, Stevey has styled dozens of men, women and young adults throughout the years.  He also specializes in styling looks for models/actors, photo shoots and magazines. 


Stevey is passionate about making you feel good and comfortable and believes that every outfit should make one look their best.  His personal styling consults are friendly and approachable.


Styling is an Evolution:  Throughout a series of personal meetings, he will ask about your likes and don't likes, your lifestyle and your current fashion style. Are you big on classic, formal fashion or do you prefer trendy contemporary clothing?  Are you one working in a corporate and formal environment and need to update your professional image?  Are you proud of your curves or do you find them to be a challenging part you most dislike?  Do you love pieces so much that you'll wear them even though they do not fit your body type?  He will define your signature style and suggest clothes, colors and fabrics that are perfect.


Without a doubt, a big point of individuality in the fashion process is body type. Stevey knows and understands different body types. He will expertly take your measurements and have an open conversation about what you are comfortable wearing and what you are not. This is a collaborative, intimate effort where the client and personal stylist where you both get to know each other to determine a style fit. 


Range of services: 
•Closet Organizing
•Image consultation
•One-on-one shopping
•Wardrobe Re-evaluation

Using your existing wardrobe, Stevey will go through your closet to create mix and match outfits and determine which pieces to keep, give to a thrift shop or donate. Stevey will also take you for one-on-one shopping to some of the most fabulous retail outlets and specialty boutiques to buy new pieces and help you select a wardrobe based on your shape, coloring, and lifestyle. Through his expert insight, he will teach you how to style pieces to create a wardrobe that incorporates old closet items with new finds. He also offers a three hour, one on one image consultation in which he’ll talk to you about ways to define your personal style.

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