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Welcome to the Lonely Boys Club Pt.I

Tissue Pocket T-Shirt/Cold Blood Hunt Jacket (click to shop)

Cold Blood Hunt Jacket (click to shop)

Loner Beanie (click to shop)

Rolling Solo Jacket (click to shop)

Loner Beanie (click to shop)

To start off this post about The Lonely Boys Club. I must say that their mission statement is quite a refreshing one... "We create apparel & accessories along with a lifestyle that is not an envious one. Nor does one look forward to copying. But, we feel it will connect with you, and to be honest.... Its some pretty fucking cool shit. Did we mention its more affordable & durable than the new Yeezy line?". That is only a small portion of what they're really about! to read more and shop even more visit WWW.LONELYBOYSCLUB.COM

After shooting some looks for the Lonely Boys Club as well as wearing these pieces almost daily, I had only one way of describing their pieces. "Not so basic basics". Just when I thought the comfort and durability would be enough... THE PRICE POINT IS EQUALLY AS INCREDIBLE! Coming from one who always chooses a look over comfort I've never been able to mix and match pieces with such ease. Also, I have never gotten so many compliments and questions about these pieces when out compared to anything else in my wardrobe. (AND IM NOT EVEN TRYING TO BLOW SMOKE...) Keep an eye out for Part II on my IG: @STYLEBYSTEVEY

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