Athleisure Adidas

Being dressed up a majority of the time I decided to start incorporating some fun athleisure pieces while still keeping a bit of a "dressy" vibe. This Gosha Rubychinsky tracksuit is from my favorite find near my place in Fort Lee called The Loit (they also have an LA location). Some of the best pieces in one spot I found in a long time! The boots and suspenders are what I included to dress this look up a bit. As usual, these black python boots are by Jeffrey West. The suspenders on the other hand are from a leather bar in downtown Manhattan called The Eagle. What better venue for me to go to than The Eagle. They have a small store of leather goods inside of the venue. So both of my vices in one great location... Shopping and drinking. Make sure to check it out.

New York/New Jersey Wardrobe Stylist/Blogger

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