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"Does this outfit make me look gay?" *Cyber Bullying*

Stevey Murray Photo Credit: Ashley Gallerani Photography

Stevey Murray Photo Credit: Ashley Gallerani Photography

Stevey Murray Photo Credit: Ashley Gallerani Photography

Hope that everyone had an amazing New Years Eve! I was so excited to wear this amazing bodysuit by Slick It Up, which was also one of my Halloween costumes. I had decided that it would look great for New Years paired with ultra ripped black denim and a velvet blazer from Zara.

Now on a more serious note. When I posted this look on my Instagram (@StyleByStevey). I had received quite a lot of gay bashing and hate comments solely based off of my appearance. Luckily I have always had extremely thick skin. I unfortunately decided to go back at these people which soon after I regreted and had since deleted most of the obscene comments from all of these people with such keyboard courage. One thing that did amaze me was that there were a few people who had defended me that are complete strangers to me. I am extremely thankful to have seen that.

With all of that said, I started to really think about why people feel the need to take time out of their own lives to TRY to bring someone down who is a complete stranger to them. I am so grateful to have had so many straight allies in my life who aren't even phased by anyones sexuality. Also, what I had noticed on these comments, was that everyone who was bashing me for dressing in this outfit, was a straight male...

Lastly, from this "backlash" I have decided that I would like to do more to bring more awareness and at least try to put some new rules in place on social media to stop this from happening to anyone in the LGBTQ community. Especially people much younger than me and people who do not have as thick of skin as I do.

With that said, I would like to start a non profit and would truly appreciate receiving any ideas or plans for this non profit. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT STEVEY@STYLEBYSTEVEY.COM Please be kind to each other!

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