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Dressed Up Jumpsuits

Stevey Murray / Ashley Gallerani

Stevey Murray / Ashley Gallerani

Stevey Murray / Ashley Gallerani

I have always loved a good high quality jumpsuit. However, it is so difficult to find one that is easy to dress up. A few years ago I had stumbled upon this amazing bronze/beige jumpsuit by Robert Gellar at Barneys and knew it would be an everlasting party of my wardrobe.

Spring being just around the corner I wanted to see just how versatile I could get with this look. Wearing the jumpsuit with a bronze tank top underneath with a formal overcoat on top really gave it the dressy vibe I was going for. Then I realized how insulated the jumpsuit was and wanted to see how it would look with the top half of it draped over my belt, giving it more of a high waisted cargo pant feel. Low and behold this is now one of my favorite looks, and cannot wait for spring to come around in order to wear this out.

The Shoes: Jeffery West

Jumpsuit: Robert Gellar

Overcooat: Barena

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